The tragic reality is that human trafficking exists.  The hope is that communities working together can increase awareness of human trafficking. With increased awareness, human trafficking can be prevented and victims can be rescued.

Renew HOPE wants to support your community in its efforts against human trafficking.  We would love to work with your organization, church, or coalition to support your mission. We believe a grassroots, community-owned approach is by far the most effective strategy.

Every beginning comes with barriers.  We want to help you overcome any obstacle preventing your community from working to end human trafficking.

Please contact Renew HOPE if we can be of any assistance.

  • Sponsor an Awareness Walk. Check out
  • Promote Freedom Sunday. VIsit
  • Share information through social media
  • Support other organizations that oppose human trafficking
  • Sponsor a community forum
  • Share resources at community events
  • Promote the National Human Trafficking Hotline
  • Organize a fundraiser for an organization that opposes human trafficking
  • Encourage frontline service providers to pursue additional training
  • Inform civic clubs about human trafficking
  • Work with local media to address human trafficking issues